The Big Tex Trailer – Always Ready!

Big Tex Trailers

Since 1982, Big Tex Trailers has established its place as America’s #1 professional grade trailer manufacturer by focusing on the needs of our customers and delivering industry-leading quality, durability and value. These trailers are ready with exactly what you need so you’re always ready for the job ahead.

Big Tex Trailers has been synonymous with heavy-duty, professional-grade, highest-quality trailers. Thanks to unparalleled knowledge of the market, our products are consistently regarded as the best in the industry, built using only the best materials, parts, paints and processes.  

The makers of Big Tex Trailers understand the rigors our customers put their trailers through each and every day – because they are trailer owners ourselves. At Riverhead Trailer, know what it means to have a trailer that works with you while you drive, work and play, and that’s reflected in each unit that we sell to you.

Riverhead Trailer has every size & model in stock.

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